'Mikun Systems Co., Ltd. is pursuing the best customer satisfaction management,
which will be given a top priority by us.'


Our service engineers are always ready to visit wherever place for inspection and repair of the equipment installed and we aim at carrying out after-sales service within 24 hours from the service call by visiting the installation site.


Mikun Systems Co., Ltd. is able to import, sell and provide the service of all the equipment required for the coffee shops, which leads to the reduction of the purchase price of the equipment and the repair cost.
The expected bigger machine problems could be prevented in advance through the due replacement of the consumables and check-up of the machines supplied by us at the same time during the visit due to after-sales service.


This refers to a service contract for the charges to be made related to all the equipment installed at the store.
i.e. Preventive check-up through the differentiated services and regular visits, and prompt visit by certified technical personnel from the regional sub-contractor and analysis of after-sales service status and etc.,


We make it a rule for the head office to receive directly all service calls across the country in order to consult customer's convenience together with the regional operation of sub-contractor.
Head office receives A/S ➝ Assigning to authorized service centers by region ➝ Visiting the shop and Trouble-shooting ➝ Completion of the service/Checking the results